Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony

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The Last Revelation

Peter Connelly feat. Tina Guo

I Make my own Luck

Peter Connelly

Waking the Nephilim

Peter Connelly

Remember the Amulet

Peter Connelly

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2018 marked 15 years since Tomb Raider – The Angel of Darkness hit the shelves.

2019 was the 20th anniversary of my debut in the Tomb Raider franchise, composing the score for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.

To celebrate this, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce a studio album featuring the music from Tomb Raider 4, 5 and 6.

This campaign has been organised entirely by a dedicated group of die-hard Tomb Raider fans and featured world-class names from within the music industry.

The album is not a direct copy of the original Tomb Raider games’ scores, although it remains faithful to them.
The music is transformed and rearranged using techniques and personnel that were simply not available or within reach 15–20 years ago.

The original versions of my tracks are also available, properly remastered and beautifully presented, to tie-in with the new orchestral album.



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